The Journey

Growing up, my mother’s family nurtured an entrepreneurial spirit in me.  So, when I decided to go to law school, it surprised several family members, including me!  While I love the institution where I attended law school, I did not necessarily love the legal educational process itself.  I simply followed the formula that had always seemed to work until that point:  work hard, take the best opportunities available.  That strategy led me from law school into the world of Big Law.

As far as Big Law goes, I am so fortunate for the experience that I had.  In general, I worked with smart, caring partners and colleagues.  I had many resources to learn and grow my skillset, not to mention a great paycheck.  However, I soon found myself drowning in the sheer number of hours and intensity that accompanies being billed out at hundreds of dollars an hour.  As with many junior associates, I found myself burned out and wondering if my law degree and training could manifest in a more “rewarding” career.

After welcoming our first son into the world, I was convinced that to have a professional identity filled with meaning and purpose, I would have to look outside the practice of law.  I am passionate about maximizing work-life potential, in my own life and others.  I launched Women in the Mix as a platform for women mixing work-life-family.

Meanwhile, I met a kindred spirit, Dwight Gibson, Chief Exploration Officer of The Exploration Group.  He has developed a framework for the methodology of exploration to cultivate individual explorers who guide in the pursuit of undiscovered opportunity.  His methodology helps organizations discover and take their next steps.

I have also been inspired by individual lawyers who have given me a renewed vision for the practice of law and what a practical and powerful tool it is to serve others.  In my own imagination, I would not have guessed that my entrepreneurial journey would lead me back to the practice of law.  But, here I am, ready to EXPLORE, CONNECT, and ADVANCE you to do the good you are gifted to do in this world–in business and beyond.

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